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Machine Learning use in React Native, The Practical Guide


Welcome to the Machine Learning use in React Native, The Practical Guide

Covering all the fundamental concepts of using ML models inside React Native applications, this is the most comprehensive React Native ML course available online.

The important thing is you don’t need to know background working knowledge of Machine learning and computer vision to use ML models inside React Native and train them.

Starting from a very simple example course will teach you to use advanced ML models in your React Native ( Android & IOS ) Applications. So after completing this course you will be able to use both simple and advanced Tensorflow lite models in your React Native( Android & IOS ) applications.

Who can take this course

Anyone with a very little knowledge of app development in React Native with Expo or with React Native CLI. We will use React Native CLI but course will also guide you if you just have the expo knowledge.

Course structure

We will start by learning about an important library

  1. Image Picker: to choose images from the gallery or capture images using the camera in React Native

So later we can use a computer vision model with both images and live camera footage in React Native.

Then we will learn the use of popular pre-trained TensorFlow lite models inside React Native applications. So we explore some popular models and build the following React Native applications in this section

  • Image classification React Native application using images of gallery and camera
  • Image classification React Native application using live footage from the camera
  • Object detection React Native application using images of gallery and camera
  • Human pose estimation React Native application using images of gallery and camera
  • Image Segmentation React Native application using images of gallery and camera

After learning the use of pre-trained machine learning models inside React Native we will learn to train our own Image classification models without knowing any background knowledge of Machine Learning. So we will learn to

  • Gether and arrange the data set for the machine learning model training
  • Training Machine learning some platforms with just a few clicks

So in that section, we will

  • Train a dog breed classification model for React Native
  • Build a React Native( Android & IOS ) application to recognize different breeds of dogs
  • Train Fruit recognition model using Transfer learning
  • Building a React Native( Android & IOS ) application to recognize different fruits

So the course is mainly divided  into two major sections

  • Pretrained TensorFlow lite models for React Native
  • Training image classification models for React Native

So in the first section of this course, you will learn about using Tensorflow lite models inside React Native. Tensorflow Lite is a standard format for running ML models on mobile devices. So in this section, you will learn the use of pretrained powered ML models inside React Native for building

  • Image Classification React NativeImageNet V2 model )
  • Object Detection  React NativeMobileNet model, Tiny YOLO model)
  • Pose Estimation  React NativePostNet model )
  • Image Segmentation  React NativeDeeplab model )

applications. So not only you will learn to use these models with images but you will also learn to use them with frames of camera footage to build real-time React Native applications.

So after learning the use of Machine Learning models inside React Native using two different approaches in the third section of this course you will learn to train your own Machine Learning models without any background knowledge of machine learning. So in that section, we will explore some platforms that enable us to train machine learning models for mobile devices with just a few clicks. So in the third section, you will learn to

  • Collect and arrange the dataset for model training
  • Training the Machine Learning models from scratch using Teachable-Machine
  • Retraining existing models using Transfer Learning
  • Using those trained models inside React Native Applications

So we will train the models to recognize different breeds of dogs and to recognize different fruits and then build React Native Applications using those models for android and IOS.

By the end of this course, you will be able

  • Use pre-trained Tensorflow lite models inside Android & IOS applications using React Native
  • Train your own Image classification models and build React Native applications.

You’ll also have a portfolio of over 10 React Native apps that you can show off to any potential employer.

Sign up today, and look forwards to:

  • HD 1080p video content, everything you’ll ever need to succeed as a React Native Machine Learning developer.
  • Building over 10 fully-fledged React Native applications including ones that use Objet detection, Pose estimation models, and much much more.
  • All the knowledge you need to start building Machine Learning-based React Native(Android or IOS) application you want
  • $2000+ Source codes of 10 Applications.

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Who this course is for:

  • Beginner React Native developer with very little knowledge of mobile app development in React Native
  • Intermediate React Native developer wanted to build a powerful Machine Learning-based application in React Native
  • Experienced React Native developers wanted to use Machine Learning models inside their applications.
  • Anyone who took a basic React Native mobile app development course before
  • Anyone with knowledge of React Native App development with expo
  • Anyone with knowledge of React Native App development without expo (CLI)

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who took Basic React Native course before
  • Beginner React Native Developer curious about Machine learning and computer vision use in React Native
  • Experienced Professional want to add ML models in their React Native Applications
  • App developer want to learn use of Machine learning in their React Native Applications
  • Intermediate React Native developers looking to enhance their skillset


  • Basic Knowledge of Mobile App development in React Native
  • Developer who knows to develop Hello World Application in React Native

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