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About This Book

book is a reference manual to guide you through the process of learning Python and how to use it in modern computer applications, such as data science, artificial intelligence, physical computing, and robotics. If you are looking to learn
a little about a lot of exciting things, then this is the book for you. It gives you an introduction to the topics that you will need to go deeper into any of these areas of technology.

This book guides you through the Python language and then it takes you on a tour
through some really cool libraries and technologies (the Raspberry Pi, robotics, AI,
data science, and so on) all revolving around the Python language. When you work on new projects and new technologies, Python is there for you with an incredibly diverse number of libraries just waiting for you to use.

This is a hands-on book. There are examples and code all throughout the book.
You are expected to take the code, run it, and then modify it to do what you want.

You don’t just buy a robot, you build it so you can understand all the pieces and
can make sense of the way Python works with the robot to control all the motors
and sensors. Artificial intelligence is complicated, but Python helps make a significant part of it accessible. Data science is complicated, but Python helps you do data science more easily. Robotics is complicated, but Python gives you the code that controls the robot. And Python even allows us to tie these pieces together and
use, say, AI in robotics.

In this book, we take you through the basics of the Python language in small,
easy-to-understand steps.

After we have introduced you to the language, then we step into the world of Python and artificial intelligence, exploring programming in machine learning and neural networks using Python and TensorFlow and actu- ally working on real problems and real software, not just toy applications.

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